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An Introduction to Mediumship

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Spiritualism teaches that there is a life after physical death and is able to prove through mediumship that we transition from this life to Higher Realms

In demonstrating ‘proof of survival’ whether in a one-on-one sitting, or from the platform, a medium links with loved ones who want to make their presence known on that particular occasion, to bring through information, accurate life details and memories that can only be attributed to that particular loved one.

Mediums are not usually able to call up specific loved ones on request, as those in the spirit world come forward only when they are able and willing to do so.

Mediums either ‘see’ spirit (clairvoyance), ‘hear’ (clairaudience), or ‘sense’ (clairsentience), and there may be a combination of these attributes.

Whichever, sense or combination of senses to communicate will be appropriate to the presenting medium.

In a reading, a medium will make contact with the spirit communicators to bring forth the necessary information. Normally, such a reading would answer specific questions posed by the client.

There are also mediums who are able to invoke a trance state so as to receive form the spirit guide/s informative details for the purpose of teaching and also in bringing through evidence.

This may produce an alteration of vocal tone and verbal expression, to that of their ‘control’.

The modern and more popular terminology for this type of communication is ‘channelling’ and it is an imparting of knowledge from spirit, through a physical medium to present particular teachings or philosophy to a group.

This can also apply to bringing through those in spirit such as loved ones or guides who wish to connect to individuals through a trance state.

You are of course at liberty to accept or discard any information given and must draw your own conclusions keeping in mind that spirit can see further ahead and to that which is not yet easily perceived.

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