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Gordon Higginson - Spiritual Mediums from the Past

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Listen to these MP3 audio tracks of Gordon Higginson which were very kindly gifted to the Seaford Spiritualist Church, so enjoy the following trance recordings.

This double CD was recorded at Stansted Hall on the 25th October 1982 during "Friends Week". It was Gordon who during his first term in office started "Friends Of Stansted". which provided a pool of voluntary workers to defray the costs of maintaining and keeping the then threatened Stansted Hall a major teaching institution in the UK for Spiritualism and Mediumship.

These tracks contain a mixture of Spiritualist Philosophy, speaking on Trance Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Humorous stories delivered in Gordon's unforgettable manner.

(it should be noted these are not professionally recorded, they were originally recorded on a cassette)

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