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Mediumship Development

The first step is in realisation of who you really are. You are spirit having a physical experience and everything that is a part of your existence is for your own soul’s growth.

For those of you who wish to explore your own spiritual unfoldment and the development of your own mediumship and psychic abilities, or you are one who is being called to follow this path, or maybe just interested in knowing what mediumship is about, we welcome you.

The first step is in realisation of who you really are. You are spirit having a physical experience and everything that is a part of your existence is for your own soul’s growth. This journey we are all on is about self-transformation, in bringing self to truth of being. This is a path we all must walk. This means living authentically, in becoming spiritually aware of the divine expression of self and, most importantly, the understanding that we are eternal beings and to follow what our own soul is calling us to do.

Mediumship is a precious gift in that there is so much assistance available to us from the spirit realm, not just in proof of survival of life after the physical body passes, but in our own personal development and that understanding of who it is we truly are.

Some people are born mediums, where others are required to sit for a number of years to develop their skills. This is best done in a development circle under the supervision of an experienced medium who will guide and support you through all the different aspects. This is important in the accuracy of what you are receiving and is necessary in order to develop your potential to the level required to be a true representative for the higher realm.

Spirit guides us to the right circle with the teacher who is best for our development. As this development can take a number of years, patience is something we all must learn. Spirit will let you know when you are ready to step out into the world.

The term “medium” simply means the vessel or instrument through which the spirit realm transfers their communication to those on the earth plane. This is conducted in a variety of ways, depending on the medium’s best receptive style and form to be developed.

These different forms of mediumship include Clairvoyance, which is perhaps the most well-known form of communication with the sprit realm. This is the ability to perceive messages in picture form. At times the pictures are very clear, whilst on other occasions you may have to interpret the meaning they wish to convey. Some mediums are Clairaudient, which means that the words of spirit can be heard, whilst others are predominantly Clairsentient, which involves the senses and feelings that are coming through. One can be predominant in one form or else have a combination which is developed over time.

Meditation is a key component in bringing the mind to the place of stillness and receptivity for guidance for self and for others, through inspirational and automatic writing, and is a practice that can easily be a part of your daily life.

Healing is an integral part of mediumship or one may be directed in developing as an artist for the spirit world. The path of development may take you in a number of directions, but you will be guided as to where you can best be of service.

Mediumship does require the surrendering of one’s own self to the influences of the spirit world and, as the link between both the physical and spiritual realms, the medium is able to relay information which provides great comfort to those who are grieving loved ones who have passed over, and also provide support to those who are seeking spiritual guidance and healing.

According to medium Ivy Northage (10th July 1909?- 31st March 2002) the golden rule for development would be, The less of me, the more of spirit, the better medium I will become.

The mediums who demonstrate on our platforms do not get to choose who to come to in the congregation; they are very specifically directed by those in the spirit world wishing to make the connection.

The role of the medium is then to provide ‘proof’ of survival in giving specific information which applies only to the loved one who is presenting themselves.

This can include details such as their name, personality, memories of shared events, manner of their passing and more. Love is always present and emotion of joy when a loved one comes through is such a great gift to be able to pass on.

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