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Welcome to Seaford Spiritualist Church

Our aim at the Seaford spiritualist church is to offer understanding and evidence of the spirit realms by way of our platform presenters each fortnight. Our mediums offer proof of survival after the physical body has passed away.

We also extend our hand in knowledge of the subtle realms of life and as such we have guest speakers who offer both wisdom and understanding of the spirit realms, both by trance communication connecting to spirit guides and allowing the sharing of information from the spirit realms, and personal experience as seekers of our own individual journeys of enlightenment.

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Discover more about the Spiritualist philosophy, it’s extensive history since the 1700’s, and the 7 Principles of Spiritualism

Join Us for Our
Monthly Open Circle

Each month we host an open development circle for anyone that is looking to discover more about the spiritualist philosophy, mediumship, meditation, healing and trance work.

Spiritualism not only gives us tangible proof of the life hereafter, it shows us a new way to believe, think and act in life.
Life has purpose and meaning.

Free Resources to
Support Your Development

Download and access a number of free resources provided by our community of mediums and healers to help support your own education, empowerment and development
on the spiritual path.

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What's On

Seaford Spiritualist Church offers a variety of new events for you to attend every month including our Sunday services, workshops,
courses, spiritual healing, reading days and more.

Our mission is to reach out, inspire and empower participants
and the global community with knowledge and
understanding of their spiritual journey. 


Become a member of Seaford Spiritualist Church for $20* per year and receive special discounts on workshops, events,
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We'd Appreciate Your Support!

Seaford Spiritualist Church is a Not For Profit organisation and is dependent on free-will offerings in order to grow, and to continue providing services to our members, the local community and others. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and go towards maintaining the
services we are able to provide to you. 

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