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What is a Seaford Spiritualist Service Like?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

At Seaford Spiritualist Church we meet for live services every second Sunday of the month, which is a safe community space that is open to all seekers.

We provide a loving and peaceful atmosphere, where all may come to discover their own Divinity, a place where freedom of thought, self-expression and confidence in one’s own uniqueness can grow.

Healing is a very integral part of our Church. We offer hands on healing before the service and absent healing to those in need as part of our service.

We come together in prayer, meditation and singing, and speakers share knowledge and guidance through inspirational verse, inspired writings, and spiritual messages.

Spiritualist mediums demonstrate that life is continuous and prove that communication with loved ones in spirit is a reality with the evidence that is presented.

Light refreshments are available at the conclusion of each service, providing an opportunity to come together in a relaxed atmosphere.

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